Documatt Sphinx Themes Collection

Continuously growing collection of themes for Sphinx documentation projects. Themes suitable both for documentation and prose.

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List of themes

Helper projects


Themes has names sphinx_<name>_theme, e.g. sphinx_documatt_theme. Folder sphinx_<name>_theme/ is Python package. Theme sources itself are in sphinx_<name>_theme/sphinx_<name>_theme/ folder.

Theme markup and styles are based on amazing CSS framework. Theme source folder itself is NPM project preconfigured with Bulma, SASS, PostCSS and Babel. Heavily based on Bulma start package. It means you need Node.js and NPM installed.

It means you need to build SCSS and ES6. In theme source folder sphinx_<name>_theme/sphinx_<name>_theme/, execute:

# first-time only
npm i
npm run deploy

SCSS in _sass/main.scss will become static/css/main.css, JS in _javascript/main.js will become static/js/main.js. These two output files are referred from the Sphinx theme as normally.

If you want to build your theme, execute in project root:

scripts/build_theme <theme_name>

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